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General. - Salinas began as Santa Elena enclosure until 1929 was elevated to parish. The December 22, 1937 by Supreme Decree government of Gen. Alberto Enriquez Gallo was appointed Canton, this greatly influenced its development and growth. Salinas, is 141 km. From Guayaquil. Its land area is 68.7 km2 consisting of its three parishes: Salinas main header (urban) with 25.8 km2, with 8.8 km2 Anconcito and Josť Luis Tamayo (Muey) with 34.1 km2 latter two are rural.
His name is perhaps due to its inexhaustible source of salt, which has been exploited and industrialized for years, from here comes the raw material for industrialization of iodized salt, used for food preparation of Ecuadorian households.
The sea provides fishing craft and industry's largest source of natural wealth as the corvina fish, tuna, sardines, halibut, sea bass, weevil, octopus, and crab, oysters, lobster and shrimp.
The most important item of income comes from tourism, in Salinas steadily increasing investment in hotel service and entertainment restaurants, bars, discos, casinos, art rocks, clubs, and casinos are proof it.
The professional tennis championship Grand Prix International "Salinas Challenger" in winter contributes to the increase of tourism, the athlete and journalistic view of different nationalities, the Yach Club founded in 1940 organizes annual yachts and fishing championships , winter tournaments in the sand courts for beach volleyball are some of the events attributed to the distraction of this resort.
It made tourism promotion campaigns in order to capture an untapped market at the time of season, which highlights the mating humpbacks from June until September.
The normal population of salt amounts to 55,000, distributed between the head of the city with its urban parish and rural parishes Salinas and Jose Luis Tamayo Anconcito (Muey), in the port of Santa Rosa is known worldwide as seafood export zone for the U.S. and Europe, here come the tourists and residents in general to purchase seafood newcomers sea. Each taste its residents flock to the majestic church that crowns its central part expressing their religious beliefs. Parish is traditional in the procession in the Bay of all boats in the famous festival of Christ Fisherman.
Some of the natural attractions of the parish has been observed Anconcito the return of the fishermen's beach after the task has been completed now with modern seawall that enhances its main avenue and allows us to see how impressive the sea.
With the advent of home drinking water, and sewer installation plan, Salinas has taken a big step for the reception of international tourism with all the required infrastructure including fixed and mobile telecommunications and cable and satellite television.
The diversity of this county has no limits, something for all tastes, from the simple tour of the boardwalk enjoying the sea breeze, holding up through a tour of the popular goatee, mounted in a group in the famous bananas for enjoy the sea, on personal watercraft on boats that take you to explore the beautiful surrounding ecological landscape is adrenalin.
The night life is very hectic, with fun in discos and clubs presenting our and foreign artists in winter nightlife until dawn comes.
Today is prepared for sustained development, with new works that the government of Rafael Correa has set high state policy in cooperation with the City of Salinas Canton. Among the most important we highlight the reconstruction of Salinas Airport with an investment of $ 14 million, dynamized international tourism, which benefits the Salinences and general mainland, is building a modern fishing harbor in Santa Rosa and in Anconcito in its first phase will expand to accommodate fisherman and a half, with all the logistical infrastructure it needs a fishing port with support from the national government and the counterpart of the municipality, with the expansion of new streets and avenues that will allow a new conveys movement.
In Salinas is the largest hotel infrastructures dedicated to tourism in the province and one of the largest in Ecuador.

Population.- According to the 2010 Census, Ecuador has 14'483 4'654 054 499 inhabitants and housing departments being the particular housing type more increased from 9.1% in 2001 to 11.7% in 2010.
The province of Santa Elena has an area of ??3762.8 square kilometers (1.46% of the national total) and a resident population of 308,693 inhabitants (2% of the national total), of whom 151,831 are women and 156,862 are men, and a floating population than 200,000 people in high tourist season, tourists basically Guayaquil and other counties in the province of Guayas and the country. Santa Elena has five rural parishes, Salinas and La Libertad is two totally urban.
Salinas has a population of 68,675 inhabitants, of whom 35,436 are men and 33,239 women, 34,719 live in the urban area and 33,956 people are in rural areas.

Policy Division.- The canton is divided into six parishes, four urban: Carlos E. Larrea, Alberto E. Gallo, Vincent Rocafuerte and Santa Rosa, and two cottages: Josť Luis Tamayo and Anconcito, the first three are known simply as Parish Salinas. Currently this political division reflects not so successful the existing conurbation, as all urban parishes of Salinas, more urban areas of Josť Luis Tamayo, represent a single city.

Salinas Ecuador Address: Entrance Main Avenue Salinas, diagonal to the College Rubira 5 minutes from the boardwalk and the beach
Salinas Ecuador: 2930193 - 2776867 - 2931501 Guayaquil: 2398305 Movil: 097911246 - 939939374 - 099616161
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